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Changes LLC Sober Living, Transitional Living homes in Mesa Arizona

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,

but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

-Maria Robinson
one minute...

one hour...

one day at a time

our philosophy

Happy, joyous and free

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We believe that all individuals carry within themselves the seeds of freedom for their chemical dependencies. These seeds are nurtured by the love, care, and concern of others. This leads to the individual developing these same feelings towards himself..

Our basic goals are to assist men in regaining healthy, productive lives. In doing so they will:

  • have meaningful relationships
  • become a productive member of society
  • enjoy and engage in recreational activities
  • achieve educational and career goals
  • develop a sense of meaning and fulfillment in life
  • maintain a sober living lifestyle


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The program

Changes Sober Living a men's sober living recovery center for chemical dependency based in Mesa, Arizona

The House Manager lives with the clients to assure structure, support, and discipline.

Each client is scheduled for weekly individual meetings for the purpose of addressing community based referral options.

Each client is advised to make a 90-day commitment to the transitional living program as well as attend ninety 12-step meetings that time period.

Changes Sober Living LLC is committed to the well being of the client. The client will participate in skill-building activities to learn to recognize behaviors and how they are linked to drug and alcohol addiction.


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case plan for


  • Make appropriate treatment and recovery goals
  • Become aware of behaviors, thoughts and feelings that maintain chemical dependency
  • Become aware of the processes leading to relapse
  • Learning how to effectively express feelings, needs, and wants
  • Learn new coping skills and avoid old drug and alcohol dependent behaviors
  • Maintain a sober living lifestyle

growth & support process


All clients are to work with a 12-step sponsor on a weekly basis. We feel that developing outside support is important for a healthy recovery and a lifetime of sober living.

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